Do you know our story? Do you want to take a journey through a tale of Italian craftsmanship, creativity and color? We hope so, and we want to tell each other.

The origins of Figus Designer

The Figus brand was founded in 1979 and has been an ambassador of quality and craftsmanship for the past 40 years. Everything, however, originates from a man: Giorgio Figus. Eclectic and creative artist is the one who started this adventure, which bears his surname.

In the early seventies Giorgio began to design and produce sabots, selling them in the Milanese markets. His creative strength leads him to experiment with new categories of accessories until he arrives at what will later be the distinctive product of the brand: the bag. The accessory, which finds its maximum expression in the “satchel” model and in the “messenger” model, achieves considerable success thanks to Giorgio’s great intuition: experimenting with the colored dye of leather which, until then, was left in its natural tone . He therefore begins to travel around Italy in search of a tannery willing to realize his idea of ​​him. all this takes place in Tuscany, a place where artisan art is historically intertwined with creative innovation. Thus was born the most distinctive feature of this brand, the first in Milan to color leather.

The success was so great that Giorgio decided to open a shop in Corso Concordia, then another, shortly after. It is 1979 and Figus Designer is officially born.

Between the Eighties and Nineties a total of 5 boutiques were built and the link between the city of Milan and the brand is total.

The 2000s are a turning point in the history of the brand: the advent of large chains and the fast approach to the consumption of clothing forces the world of craftsmanship to adapt to a more digital and contemporary mentality. At this point Eleonora, Giorgio’s daughter, comes into play.

The very young Eleonora leaves her brilliant career started in the fashion world with the aim of modernizing the brand and making it competitive internationally.

Research, entrepreneurial spirit and creativity ensure that Eleonora succeeds in her goal. Firstly, it distinguishes two lines: Figus Timeless, composed of more classic products, inspired by the first productions, and Be Figus, a line of more seasonal products, in step with the creative trends and the different inspirations that the brand feeds on, without ever forgetting them. the traditional soul.

Now thanks also to the sale not only in physical stores in Milan, in Corso Magenta 31 and Corso Garibaldi 46 in Milan, Figus Designer products are sold internationally with e-commerce.

Today Figus Designer is this: a growing brand that has never stopped believing in itself, keeping its identity intact and having the strength to adapt to a market that evolves and changes day after day.