Made in Italy leather goods in Milan

Since 1979 the bags and accessories of Figus Designer respect the tradition of the made in Italy style: attention to detail, use of high quality Italian materials and typical craftsmanship techniques.

A handcrafted leather goods in Milan with a vintage heart and inspiration, but which has been able to withstand time, evolving. Understanding the trends of the moment and meeting the needs of the modern woman, grappling with a thousand commitments and sure of what she wants, was the winning key to offering its customers sophisticated models with clean lines, to which you don’t need to add anything else to make yourself to notice.

Each Figus product is entirely designed, produced and packaged in Italy with highly qualified personnel in the art of leather goods and jewelery. Production is still concentrated today in the historic Milanese laboratory in Corso Garibaldi, which has always been led by the brothers Figus.

An authentic story, aimed at the quality of materials at affordable prices and the artisan tradition of Made in Italy. Originality, elegance and attention to detail have contributed over the years to keep alive the passion for style, Figus Designer continues to be inspired by both changing times and the charm of vintage.

Customised genuine leather or animal free bags

Whether in genuine Italian leather or in soft animal-free coagulated fabric, the Figus are customisable bags according to your taste. Materials, colors and initials engraving help to make a piece already of value, absolutely unique.

Bags with character: everything that is Figus Designer

Essential elegance is all that unites Figus bags made of genuine Italian leather or imitation leather. Characterized by the essential and colorful design typical of the Figus Timeless line or by the flair and style of Be Figus bags, you will always have the certainty of choosing an accessory that does not complete the look, but determines it.

A sober allure, but with character, in which the brilliance of the color dominates, in every shade proposed.

Our stylist is waiting for you in the store for personalized advice, together you can choose the bag and accessory that best suits you and the occasion of use.