Artisans of style in Milan since 1979

Passion The dream. It was in 1979, amid the unmistakable scent of leather goods in his workshop, that Giorgio Figus, entrepreneur, designer and artisan, opened his first workshop in Milan. In the same year, he established Figus Cuoio, an artisan enterprise that since then, has been producing and selling articles of
leather goods and handmade accessories in their stores in downtown Milan.

Simplicity, color, style and high quality craftsmanship have always distinguished the brand. Figus bags and jewelry are distinguished by quality workmanship and affordable prices.

Colorful and essential style, balancing innovation and typical Italian craftsmanship tradition.

Since 1979, Figus Designer has been artfully designing and creating handbags, belts, wallets, and jewelry anchored in the retro magic of Italian craftsmanship, but capable of renewing itself with originality and keeping up with the times.

Each Figus accessory tells the story of the work, time and skill of those who brought it to life. A brand rooted in the past but with a strong impetus to the future

Eleonora Figus fashion designer: soul of the brand

Color, originality and sophistication are the characteristics of every Figus creation designed by Eleonora.

Attentive to detail and able to bring freshness to vintage style, Eleonora Figus infuses her own vitality, and love of color into each of her creations.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing and communication, a diploma in Accessories Design, important work experience behind her and an innate passion for style that was born way back in the family craft workshop where she “breathed in that magical smell of leather” that made her realize what her path would be.

Since childhood she has assisted in designing and creating handbags, jewelry. He thus acquired from the family the skillful use of materials and a strong sense of aesthetics.

Eleonora Figus has been leading Figus Designer and its renewal since 2012, with personality, style and irreverence, devoting herself to stylistic research, handbag and jewelry design, care of purchasing relationships and development of special projects.

“I am opposed to the prototype Fashion Addicted who passively follows the style rules imposed by the market. That is why we decided to let our customers play along with us in choosing their ideal handbag and earring. My passion for travel allows me to take inspirations for the creation of my collections. Moved by a lifelong curiosity about the new and nonconforming, I enjoy experimenting with new design approaches.”

Eleonora Figus

The collections: urban and refined bags, for a simplicity that stands out

The Figus Timeless Line of bags features Figus Designer’s cult designs, but can be customized in many colors, combinations and materials. The possibilities are endless. Choose your bag in leather, genuine Italian leather or in the soft animal-free coagulated fabrics: 100% made in Italy, lightweightand waterproof.

A fresh, practical, yet stylish line. Featuring an essential design that offers unexpected creativity through customization and color.

The collection includes one-of-a-kind and special edition pieces made of fine materials.

Urban handbags are the must-have accessory for a woman who lives in the city and dominates it, who loves an understated look that is always current, enriched by the cheerfulness of color.

The Be Figus line of bags, on the other hand, is renewed according to seasonal trends. Made exclusively of genuine Italian leather, it features a refined, elegant and always up-to-date design.

Handbags and fine handmade jewelry

The uniqueness of Figus creations lies not only in the style and passion of craftsmanship, but also in the
in the quality of the materials used.

The bags, all meticulously hand-finished, are available in genuine Italian leather or soft
Animal free coagulated fabrics: 100% made in Italy, lightweight and waterproof (material researched
composed mainly of cotton, vegan and durable)

The Figus Satin jewelry collection is inspired by ancient Etruscan jewelry. An essential design,
primitive with a rough, sandblasted texture is contrasted with the bright, bright colors of the natural hard stones
. The hypoallergenic bronze and silver alloy from which the jewel is composed, embossed and
hand-rolled, it is then subjected to fine artisanal electroplating infilled with silver or pure gold
that gives a fascinating satin glow.